Friday, August 26, 2011

iCarMode - available on the appStore !!

Today my post is not another .net/sql/programming post.

Today I am happy to present my new iPhone app 1st release.

The application is called - iCarMode and it's a joined effort of Mark Mishaev & myself.

Small quote from the appStore description:

"iCarMode presents a new user interface speacilly designed to allow safer use of your iPhone while driving.

The large buttons give you a quick and comfortable access to your favorite contacts, iPod playlists, navigation and other useful features."

If you ever tried to play music, make a phone call or find your favorite GPS app from your (hopefully) docked iPhone you probably noticed how uncomfortable it is, if not to say - dangerous.

iCarMode is meant to expose a simpler UI to allow you to perform those actions in a safer mode.

Here's the main screenshot:

For more details, goto the product's new website:
And don't forget to download, rate and spread the word at the appStore.

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