Thursday, December 31, 2009

The "Fancy Proxy" - having fun with WCF

A little project I was doing at home lately lead me to search for a solution to disconnected application.

In my imaginination I imagined an application that knows to work both "online" and "offline"...not just that but also knows how to switch between them when needed and ofcourse - controlled from WCF configuration or other infrastructure that will be as "transparent" as possible for the programmer who writes the application.

Sounds a little like science fiction? not quite...

Gathering information from all sort of good articles & blogs I've reach to a nice project which I've decieded to share with you in a kind of tutorial structure to help ,who ever finds this interesting, step by step.
I know the code could & should pass a bit of polish, but hey! remember it's just an idea not production material :-)

Each step in this "tutorial" represents a step in the way for the full solution, this is only to help understand each concept seperatly, feel free to jump over a few steps or go directly to the final step...

1- Simple TCP
2- Simple MSMQ
3- Simple Duplex
4- MSMQ Duplex
5- Simple Dynamic proxy
6- Dynamic & Duplex proxy

Feel free to ask or comment...


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