Saturday, October 3, 2009


Very interesting sample I ran into showing how to use MSMQ with WCF.

Going through the 'right' way to implement this, I encountered many samples where the queing & message stuff were embeded in the bussiness logic - I couldn't understand how this meets WCF goal to seperate transport from bussiness logic.

Finally I encounter this article.

The interesting part of the sample was the elegant way the writer shows how to narrow the MSMQ code to the binding code (configuration) & leaving the code nice and clean allowing to change transport without touching the bussiness logic - this maybe sounds easy when moving from TCP to HTTP or similar, but since MSMQ is message oriented it is more of a challenge.

For the full story, including a short & sweet video - see:
SOA'izing MSMQ with WCF (and Why It's Worth It)


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